About Us

     Lubricant R&D Center, one of the applied technology platforms in the Research Institute of Tsinghua, Pearl River Delta, is set up in March, 2022. Benefit from the Institute, THU’s Automotive Tribology Education and the Chinese Tribology Institution, it provides advanced technology to reliably maintain sophisticated equipment and prolong engine life , in the petrochemical, energy and electricity, vehicle, transportation, and national defence industries. It will also provide customers with appropriate fluid solutions based on carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. Tsingdoc is a brand of specialty lubrication materials launched by the center, with its products mainly covering automotive oils, industrial lubricants, clean energy engine oils and various fuel additives.


     The core of the Lubricant R&D Center are all experts earning a PhD or above, working at THU, UPC1, SCUT2 or other universities, and also serving as commissioners of SAC/TC223 and CMIF/TC154 , or as directors of Guangdong Tribology Institution.Having a good grasp of special greases, eco-friendly lubrication, tribochemicals and additives, engineering tribology and smart manufacturing, the members have written scientific monographs on lubrication, including Handbook of Lubrication Technology and Motor Vehicle Engine Coolant. Apart from this, they participate in the 863 Program, the Industrial Base Strengthening Plan, and other major Chinese national R&D programs.

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